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Homeowner Services

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As every homeowner knows it is both important and expensive to keep ones house and property looking good and in good repair. As a company who earns your money providing a service to homeowners it is important to keep your payment options varied and flexible. While many of your customer’s may want to pay with a credit card or a paper check others may want to set up a monthly billing plan. This is especially helpful when you need to receive payment from homeowners who may not be at home during the time that you are at their home to perform your services.

The ACH Secure Solution:

  • Give your homeowners the option of paying their regular charges by setting them up with a monthly ach plan where you can debit their checking account and have the funds transferred to your checking account.
  • One time payments are simple to perform.
  • Accept payments over the phone for balances due rather than waiting for a check to arrive in the mail.
  • ACH Secure charges much less than what you may be paying your merchant account provider to process credit cards so you get to keep much more of the revenue.
  • Enables homeowners to break larger jobs into multiple payments thereby easing their immediate financial burden and helping you close more deals.
  • Helps eliminate the expense of mailing statements to homeowners or taking away valuable time from your business office in order to track down receivables.

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