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Local Government

Running a local government requires receiving revenue from a large number of sources to a variety of different departments. A list of some of the uses and departments which would find our service valuable include:

Police Department – Parking violations and citations
Water and Sewer Department
Building Permits and Inspections
Code Enforcement
Fire Department – Business Fees
Property Taxes
School Taxes
Parks and Recreation
Trash and Recycling
Dog Licenses
Discount Theme Park Tickets
Prothonotary Charges
Marriage Licenses
Court Fees
Library Charges

The ACH Secure Solution:

  • One time payments are simple to perform.
  • Accept payments over the phone for monies due rather than waiting for a check to arrive in the mail. Great for both local residents and out of state non-residents.
  • ACH Secure charges much less than what you may be paying your merchant account provider to process credit cards so you get to keep much more of the revenue.
  • Helps eliminate the expense of mailing bills to residents or taking away valuable time from your business office in order to track down receivables.
  • Let residents pay their fees directly on your website.

To begin please complete our online app or call us toll-free at 800-717-1245.

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