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Newspapers and Magazine Subscriptions

Newspaper Subscriptions, Magazine Subscriptions, Classified Advertising, Display Advertising

As the business manager of a newspaper or other publication you are well aware that subscriptions and advertising dollars is what enables you to print and deliver your paper to your subscribers and newsstands every morning. For your regular subscribers you want to make it easy for them to pay on a regular monthly or quarterly basis. When a regular business advertiser wants to pay for their advertising why not consider having the ability to ach their checking account rather than waiting for a check to arrive in the mail or pay exorbitant merchant account charges which cut deeply into your profits. When consumers want to place a last minute classified ad and they don’t have enough time to mail a check and don’t own a credit card how about just ACHing their checking account.

The ACH Secure Solution:

  • Accept payments over the phone rather than waiting for a check to arrive in the mail. Your advertising rep taker simply asks the customer for their checking account number.
  • Accept checks by having the customer fill in their checking account information on a mail in order form or via fax.
  • Use the recurring billing feature to bill your residential subscribers on a regular basis of your choosing.
  • ACH Secure charges much less than what you may be paying your merchant account provider to process credit cards so you get to keep much more of the revenue. Each ACH sale will save your company at least 2-3% versus credit card discount rates.
  • Give your customer the option of breaking up their purchase into several payments in any interval and dollar amount that you choose. Unlike credit cards you may, at your option, add a processing fee or convenience charge for this service.

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Credit Cards
Sale of $100
Discount Rate - 3%
Per Transaction - 30¢
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Sale of $100
Discount Rate - 0%
Per Transaction - 25¢
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Your Cost for ACH

Savings - $3.05
ACH Secure = More Money in Your Account


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